Master Class

DESCRIPTION: This is a performance master class for pianists. Students perform a complete work or movement and receive instruction in front of an audience. Issues addressed include performance practice, competition preparation, stage presence, style, technique, and basic career guidance for students seeking advanced musical education.

AGE GROUP: Master classes are appropriate for piano students at any level, including adults.

CAPACITY: Master classes can accommodate as many students as there is available time. The number of participants in a given class will affect the duration of instruction possible for each individual.

DURATION: The intended timeframe for each student includes the full length of the work presented plus an additional minimum 10-15 minutes of instruction. The duration of instruction will be calibrated to the performance level of the student. The ideal duration of the master class should not exceed 2 hours.

PREPARATION: Participants will prepare a complete work or movement with the expectation of performing in front of an audience of peers, teachers and/or the public. It is recommended that intermediate to advanced students memorize the work prior to presentation. The student is required to bring the score to the master class. It is recommended that the student’s private instructor attend.