DESCRIPTION: The Workshop is an intimate performance and lecture that investigates how music affects the listener, by demonstrating how composers utilize rhythm, harmony, and melody to influence an audience’s emotions. The program illuminates the connection between classical compositional traditions and modern television, movie, and video game music. Elements such as intervals, keys, and tempi will be discussed in a manner easily understood by younger audiences. The piano is a natural tool for this workshop due to its familiarity, polyphony, and ability to exhibit various genres of music.

AGE GROUP: This workshop can be presented to any age group, as the musical examples are adaptable to the age and musical experience of the audience. Adults would appreciate both the modern music presented and the classical selections taken from the entire range of piano literature.

CAPACITY: There is no minimum or maximum audience capacity for this workshop. It can be adapted to accommodate a small classroom setting or a large auditorium.

DURATION: The optimum timeframe is approximately one hour, but can be tailored to the demographics of the audience.

BACKGROUND: Participants do not require any background information. This program is calibrated to raise awareness and appreciation of classical music.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The content and format is adaptable to the needs of the audience. For example, it can reintroduce the piano itself and its history and development as an instrument. It can be tailored to include more historical content to augment a classroom’s established curriculum. For an audience comprised of music students, it can be formatted to include more in-depth examination of a single work or style, or focus on artistic, educational, or career advancement.